Giga Playboards

Eye-hand-coordination, creativity and concentration


Giga Playboard
… One to four children can play with this giga
playboard: According to the connections the
parts can be easily connected. For example a
quadratic playboard of 56 x 56 cm. Use the
pens to pick in the strings from hole to hole
with a space of 2.8 cm. The pattern can be
removed by pulling the string. This improves
eye-hand-coordination, creativity and
concentration. Set: 4 boards à 28 x 28 cm,
40 strings in 10 different colours: 2 x 50 cm
and 2 x 100 cm, 4 pens.
Material: board out of high quality PE-plastic.
Strings out of PP
Measurements: Playboard: 28 x 28 cm length
strings: 50 und 100 cm

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