Superpegs 64


Fine Motor and Matching Skills

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For tiny hands, large-size pegs which are easy to handle and fit on the boards.

Presented in 4 shapes and 4 different colours it is possible to understand and make
exact reproductions of the various models and mosaic patterns, which are easily fixed
to the transparent base boards.

The most basic concepts of interlocking can also be practised.

The psycho pedagogical aspects which contribute to this game are eye motor coordination,
discrimination between forms and colours, spatial organisation, imagination and verbal expression.
Great fun.
Board: 38 x 30 cms.
Transparent board 38 x 30 cms.
4 worksheets
64 Giant Pegs
4 shapes 4 colours
Circle, square, triangle and corner shapes in 4 basic colours.
Pegs: 39 x 36 mm. in Handy box

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