Image Game

To Encourage Vocabulary And Simultaneous Thinking of Young Learners


An Enjoyable Group Game Intended To Encourage Vocabulary And Simultaneous Thinking of Young
Learners. By Following the Spinners, Children Attempt
To Complete Their Boards with 6 Images and 6 Different Items.
Contains:  36 wooden cards Sizes: 8 cm x 8 cm, 4 mm
thick Representing 6 Images with 6 Different
Items, 6 Empty Wooden Lotto Boards Sizes:
24  cm x 16 cm, 4 mm thick
And A Play – Board with 2 Spinners (Image – Item Sorters).Stored In a Solid Wooden Box Sizes: 42 cm x 27 cm,
5 cm For An Additional Matrix Game, Extra 12 Cards Are Available In Image Game 2.

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