Colour Slit Game

Designed to support a child’s Cognitive Development and Independent Learning


This Unique Sorting and Matching Device, Designed To Support the Child’s Cognitive Development and Independent Learning.
All The components are Made of High Quality Plywood with
Silkscreen Illustrations.
The Basic Set Includes:
Large wooden sorting box Size: 46 cm x 16 cm x 7 cm
Divided Into 10 Compartments, Covered By a Hinged Lid
With 10 Slots.
4 Double-Sided Wooden Strips Size: 44 C”M x 4 C”M
Depicting: Colors, Shades, Numbers and Quantities. 70
Corresponding Wooden Cards Size: 5 C”M x 4 C”M
Stored In a 2 Solid Wooden Box

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