Image Game

To Encourage Vocabulary And Simultaneous Thinking of Young Learners

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An Enjoyable Group Game Intended To Encourage Vocabulary And Simultaneous Thinking of Young
Learners. By Following the Spinners, Children Attempt
To Complete Their Boards with 6 Images and 6 Different Items.
Contains:  36 wooden cards Sizes: 8 cm x 8 cm, 4 mm
thick Representing 6 Images with 6 Different
Items, 6 Empty Wooden Lotto Boards Sizes:
24  cm x 16 cm, 4 mm thick
And A Play – Board with 2 Spinners (Image – Item Sorters).Stored In a Solid Wooden Box Sizes: 42 cm x 27 cm,
5 cm For An Additional Matrix Game, Extra 12 Cards Are Available In Image Game 2.

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